Increase Political Competition with Ballot Access Equality!

In 2016, 4 out of 5 Georgia House members did not face an opponent in the Nov General election. And yet GA law requires independent candidates gather thousands of petition signatures to get their name on the ballot...


Georgia voters would benefit from political competition

In 2016, 4 out of 5 Georgia House members did not face an opponent in the General Election. Georgia voters would benefit from political competition and more choices on the ballot. Members of the legislature would be more likely to stay in touch with their districts, listen to alternative opinions, and be more willing to seek compromise if we had competitive elections.

Georgia has the most severe ballot access restrictions in the United States

Independent & minor party candidates are effectively barred from running for the Georgia Legislature due to ballot access restrictions. For a minor party or independent candidate to get on the ballot in Georgia, he or she is required to gather thousands of petition signatures. The petition signature requirements are so restrictive and expensive to overcome that most candidates won’t attempt it. For example, Georgia law requires a Libertarian candidate for the 13th Congressional district to obtain 20,188 petition signatures. No minor party candidate running for US Congress has been able to get his or her name on the ballot since 1943. However, Democratic and Republican candidates have no petitioning requirements. This is political favoritism and it oppresses and stifles healthy competition in Georgia’s politics.

Spirited elections benefit the local community

Removing ballot access barriers for minor party and independent candidates allows citizens to organize around their candidates of choice and thus highlight specific issues within a community.  Spirited campaigns bring a community together! And vigorous debate always results in better solutions.

I am the best choice for Secretary of State

As Secretary of State I will advocate ballot access equality. Additionally, I advocate for streamlining the process of collection and submission of petitions, with the goal of encouraging, rather than discouraging, candidates who want to run for office. Voters would benefit from more choices on the ballot and more competitive elections.

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