21st Century Gerrymandering is no Joke

21st-century gerrymandering is no joke. Why is it a BIG problem now? The answer is supercomputers, incredibly powerful mapping software, BIG data, and predictable voter behavior.

Incentive to cheat

What does a career politician want more than anything? To get re-elected of course. So when they have the opportunity to draw district boundaries in a way that benefits them--the temptation is impossible to resist. Why wouldn’t they design a district for themselves that pretty much guarantees that they will win re-election?

Gerrymandering is the art of wasting your opponent's votes

There is no point in earning more too many votes. A candidate only needs 50%+1 to win an election. Therefore, for the party in power, those extra votes are moved to other districts where they can be more useful. However, when drawing district boundaries for the opposing party, the strategy is to pack opposition voters into few districts as possible. Those extra voters in that district aren't making any difference. Gerrymandering is the art of wasting your opponent's votes. That is the insidious nature of gerrymandering -- career politicians can move votes around to where the party in power needs them most. 

21st-century gerrymandering is no joke

Gerrymandering has been part of US politics for 200+ years. Why is it a BIG problem now? The answer is supercomputers,  incredibly powerful mapping software, BIG data, and predictable voter behavior. Gerrymandering is the drawing of political lines by a party in order to give that party an advantage during an election. The result is oddly shaped districts that bear little or no resemblance to the cultural or natural geographical boundaries of the area. 21st-century gerrymandering is incredibly precise. The mapmakers have the ability to weave district boundaries through voters' backyards! Imagine that your neighbors on both sides are carved out in a different congressional district!! However, 21st-century gerrymandering is no joke. If we don't fix it, US elections will become meaningless, our system of representative government as we have known it will be destroyed.

Independent Redistricting Commission, multi-member districts, and Ranked Choice Voting

Other candidates will advocate for an Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) and I believe that is a great start. But it's not enough. In addition to an IRC, I propose multi-member districts and Ranked Choice Voting. Together, this combination of reforms would not only stop gerrymandering, it would also kick-start political competition in Georgia. 

As Secretary of State, I will tirelessly advocate for the interest of ALL Georgia voters, regardless of their political affilliation. I stand for FAIR, cost-effective, and COMPETITIVE elections. Extreme gerrymandering is wrong no matter which political party is in power. Join me in bringing election reform to Georgia.

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