Voting Machines

Georgia voting systems are at a high-risk for being compromised. Georgia’s voting machines are antiquated, hackable, and need replacing. However, lobbyists have been pushing a solution that is not only expensive...

The Georgia voting systems are at a high-risk for being compromised

Georgia’s voting machines are antiquated, hackable, and need replacing. On this, we can all agree. However, lobbyists have been working overtime to push a solution that is not only expensive but also does not consider what is in the best interest of Georgia voters.

That's a lot of money!

Georgia must replace our current voting machines as soon as possible. However, this acquisition process must be done right. A new voting system is estimated to cost Georgia taxpayers $120 million dollars in 2019 and, including service and maintenance contracts, up to a half-billion dollars over the next several years. That is a lot of money!

Follow the money!

Lobbyists attempted to rush SB403 through the legislature earlier this year. This bill would have authorized a quick replacement of the voting machines. The process was not transparent. The House subcommittee discounted the recommendations of the public and voting machine activist groups.

SB403 did not meet the most basic requirement for election integrity and security

SB403 failed to meet a basic requirement: providing a hand-marked paper ballot that is human-readable and that can be manually recounted. The Georgia Libertarians, myself included, along with Voter Georgia, Common Cause, and other election activist groups successfully lobbied to defeat this flawed bill.

Fully transparent process for evaluating and bidding

The process for evaluating and bidding replacement voting machines should be fully transparent. I support a multi-partisan process that includes meaningful participation from voter activist groups and Georgia citizens. We must guarantee that the selection process is based on what is best for Georgia voters.

The voting machine selection criteria should address the following: 

  • Hand-marked ballots, meaning no other machinery is required to figure out the voter’s intention. A tabulated bar-code solution is not an acceptable substitute.
  • Election results are routinely audited to ensure validity and accuracy (like it's done in Arizona and Colorado)
  • Provides a method for manual recounts

I am the best choice for Secretary of State

As a former IT Director, I am the only SOS candidate with IT project management experience. As a candidate who is independent of the Democrat and Republican Parties, I am not beholden to their leadership or their lobbyists.

As Secretary of State, I will provide the leadership to ensure that the voting equipment acquisition process is fully transparent and that the new systems are implemented. 

Election reform won't get done without you!

We rely on small contributions from everyday people. Help me bring the message of election reform to Georgia!

Smythe DuVal for Georgia Secretary of State